Project based Cooperations

How we can help you; different project setups

Most of the projects we do, follow the development process. Depending on your needs, one or more phases out of this development process and the services from these particular phases, form the basis of the project.
We therefore distinguish 4 typical project types:

1. Feasibility study           (analysis phase)
2. Creative project           (analysis + creative phase)
3. Full development project (analysis + creative + engineering phase)
4. Turn key development project (analysis + creative + engineering + implementation)

The analysis phase can be short for a very well defined fast efficient project. It can also be longer if a much more innovating product is being developed and/or less is defined at the beginning of the project.
It is important, that in good and clear dialogue with the client, the right questions are answered about the product, market trends, your goals and strategy, competition, regulations, the level of innovation etc.
This must be done before the creative phase begins. It will result in the right project brief for the project and all parties involved having the same targets and expectations.
Doing a creative phase without this information, is similar to planning a trip without knowing the destination.

As explained on the development process page, each phase requires its own tools and skills. Depending the project, not all activities may be required in each project. When we make you an offer, we clearly list which activities are included, and what the deliverables will be at the end of each phase.

Additional Services

What else can we do for you?

Next to these project cooperations, it’s possible you only desire some particular services. Reasons for this could be : to get your own R&D team started, to have an independent point of view, or just to expand your internal capacity.

We offer full service on all aspects of the development process, from developing brand strategies to prototyping and international production consultancy. We work closely together with specialist partners in all fields, from web design and specialized manual designers to production partners.

This enables us to deliver what you need with highest quality in the most comfortable and efficient way.

In the development process ,  you can find the activities belonging to each phase. Feel free to ask for information when any of these services are of your particular interest. Some “stand alone” services we offer next to project based cooperations, are shown here:

Concept Development

Do you have a nice idea and want to find out how it can be transformed into a detailed high quality product? We would love to help out.

Concept Detailing and Engineering

Do you have a concept and/or a prototype that needs concept detailing and engineering?

Or maybe you have an existing product that requires concept changes, possibly with engineering support?
Concept and engineering work are things we are very good at. We would love to help you out.

Just solely doing the engineering is not our core business, we prefer to be involved earlier in the process to take full advantage of our strengths. However, if we have time in our schedule we will help you out also on engineering-only jobs


Do you need creative input about your brand, your organization, your strategy or your product range? We can setup a brainstorm session to get the best ideas out of your own organization and from our input.

Of course we can also organize specific brainstorm sessions regarding new developments.
These can be arranged in house or (preferable) outside your office and  involving your own people. After the brainstorm session, we offer you the results in a clear presentation.

In case you do not wish to involve your own personnel in the session, or prefer to have a fresh outsider perspective on the subject of the brainstorm, then we can also do the session ourselves in our office. In this case we will also provide you a clear presentation of the results which will be discussed in a meeting.

Our preference is a session with motivated key personnel from all layers of the organization.

3D Visualization

Do you need a 3D visualization of an item for promotional purposes? We can work most of your 2D pictures / drawings into a 3D computer model that you can use for various purposes.

This can be logo’s, products, architectural elements etc. We set up the 3D model in our CAD software and from this create photo realistically pictures if you should require this. We can convert the 3D files into most of the standard file formats.

Brand Development Consultancy

The goal of a brand strategy is creating a relationship or a connection between a company’s product and the emotional perception of the customer for the purpose of generating segregation among competition and building loyalty among customers

The development of a branding strategy starts with identifying the brand’s  or company’s key values. Many times these values are not communicated directly to the public, but they are at the heart of every aspect of the business.
Once the brands key values are defined they should be expressed in a brand proposition. The brand proposition / statement is a promise to the consumer.

The products developed for the brand must deliver this promise and meet or exceed the customers’ expectations to result in a positive emotion about the brand. Emotion and user experience are critical factors in brand perception. The brand promise must be developed on the basis that your products will deliver a positive, relevant, and unique experience. It’s essential to analyze the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, the target group, the market and the competition. Only this way we can come to the right brand statement being supported by correct product development.

Branding Services

A product is not complete on its own. It must be placed in the right surroundings, like packaging, web presence, manual etc. We offer following services to make sure the brand and product identity are consequently presented in all areas:

  • Manual design
  • Packaging design
  • Logo development
  • Web presence (website, social media etc)
  • Graphic work for brochures
  • Stand design
  • Promotional design
  • Brand identity

Innovation Strategy

Successful companies invest in design and innovation.
They do not develop products in a random way; they have a innovation strategy. This strategy describes which products are being developed and in what way to increase the companies turnover in a continuous way.

Improving existing products can be part of the strategy to prolong the product life cycle.
But also the development of new innovative products to secure or increase market share for the future will be part of the strategy.
The strategy lists priorities of developments and incorporates a time line that results in a strategic development plan to achieve the goals set by the company.

Over the years we have consulted several companies on this matter, and we would love to support you in developing this plan.

3D Printing

Studio STOUT is the proud owner 3D printer which we use to support our development projects.
The printer has dual extruders allowing dual color prints and / or prints made out of 2 different materials.
We use our printer to transform our designs to 3D tangible objects and prototypes.

Pictures speak more than words, but the actual 3D product says it all !

At this moment we usually print with PLA or ABS material but other materials like PVA and PA are also possible.
The materials are available in many different colors.

Do you have any printing needs? Feel free to contact us, maybe we can help out.

Cost Reduction Analysis

The current economy forces everybody to be efficient with costs. Do you have an existing product and want to find out if it can be made more cost effectively by a (partial) redesign? We can support you to get the best out of your product and production processes.

New Market Development

Based on your current product portfolio or production capabilities we can help you explore  new markets and possibilities. We will start this by doing a scan of your company, market and products. We will then identify possibilities and directions that can be used to increase the turnover in new markets with limited investments or increase turnover in existing markets with a new approach.

China Consultancy

Many of the world’s quality consumer products are made in China.
For many companies, doing business in China is new, challenging and often ends up in a frustrating experience.
Not for Studio STOUT !

We have worked with and inside Chinese production facilities for over 15 years now to develop products for western markets with very demanding and critical consumers. We help setting up productions and quality control protocols, and we keep investing in growing our network. Working with Chinese production-, tooling-, sample- and development teams, has become second nature for us.
This experience enables us to take full advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that manufacturing in China offers. Having a reliable network of high quality production partners, knowledge of Chinese working procedures and culture and knowing what goes on, is essential to succeed in business.

Many people ask our advice about moving production to China. For many companies it is a good way to reduce cost, but nor for all products and company setups it is the best solution. We can advise you what you can win by moving production to China and which risks are involved, resulting in a clear advise specific for your company.
Should you decide to take the step, than Studio STOUT can support you with sourcing a production partner and help setting up the ideal production set up together with the selected supplier.

Factory Audit

Do you consider to buy components or products from a new supplier, or do you wish to move your production to a new supplier or even a different country?  We can help you evaluate  possible production partners by performing a factory audit. In this audit many details about the factory and its production and quality processes will be verified to identify if the factory is a suitable production partner for you.

We mostly do perform these audits in Chinese factories as many Western companies have concerns if the partner they choose in China will live up to their expectations.  Of course we can also do this kind of audit in other countries.

Production Outsourcing

Do you consider to move your production to a different supplier or even another country? We can help you find the ideal production partner in the area of your choice.

We mostly supported companies with outsourcing to Chinese factories as this often proves difficult to do for Western customers. China is big and it can be difficult to find a good partner. We have an extensive network in China, making it easier to introduce the right partner.

Local research, sourcing trips and factory audits are the tools we use for this.
Of course we can also perform this service in other countries.