Producing in China

15 years of experience working successfully in China

Many of the world’s quality consumer products are made in China.
For many companies, doing business in China is new, challenging and often ends up in a frustrating experience.
Not for Studio STOUT !

We have worked with and inside Chinese production facilities for over 15 years now to develop products for western markets with very demanding and critical consumers. We help setting up productions and quality control protocols, and we keep investing in growing our network. Working with Chinese production-, tooling-, sample- and development teams, has become second nature for us.
This experience enables us to take full advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that manufacturing in China offers. Having a reliable network of high quality production partners, knowledge of Chinese working procedures and culture and knowing what goes on, is essential to succeed in business.

However, you have to be aware there are more things to consider than just pricing. We would be happy to advise and assist you if you consider to outsource your production to China.

Every case is different; many products can be produced with good quality in China, other products might be produced more (cost) efficiently in Europe or elsewhere. This depends on production volumes, logistic flexibility demands, or product specific circumstances like production process, complexity, cosmetic demands, service set up and corporate organization. We can help you make the right decision for your products.

China impressions